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“…highly engaging and energetic, speaking with such passion and inspiration!”
“Fun, grounding, inspiring…”
blackburn college
“Wow! This guy is a human dynamo! …he set the bar high in terms of excitement and energy – and then totally, totally exceeded our expectations. He left us buzzing with ideas and gave us so much more than we could have asked. If you get a chance, book him!! Trust me, Richard Enion is going places – fast!”

dragons den

Peter Jones, BBC Dragons Den

“You’re a breath of fresh air…”

leeds beckett

“Your enthusiasm and energy helped to lift the spirits of our outgoing graduates as they enter a challenging work environment. You delivered a very timely and powerful message – ‘make it happen’.”


peter crone

(PT to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, current mind coach to World renowned athletes)

“Richard’s unique skills coupled with his wealth of knowledge acquired through dedicating his life to thorough research and real life application make him World class. It is his passion for his craft with his skills and emotional intelligence that actually make him an outstanding choice”.

Maya Fiennes Rich Eats

Maya Fiennes – World Renowned Kundalini Yoga Authority, Author and Actor

“Rich is on a mission! He has been advising me and the family on our eating habits and we are noticing a huge benefits already – better digestion and even more energy being the main things! RichEats.TV his blog is amazing! The way he seeks out people all around the world, brings out the best in them and share’s their story to benefit you is so unique. His openness to explore new experiences (I met him in one of my Kundalini Yoga sessions) and feelings is something I very much admire in this character. Driven, passionate and of course quite cheeky!”

Check Maya’s Website here: www.MayaSpace.com

rude sarah shafi

Sarah Shafi, Author and Entrepreneur
“No matter how much we kid ourselves there is nothing better than feeling good about your body. I don’t think I have ever felt this good about my body… and I’m 46! There is nothing finer in life than having the lifestyle you want and the body to go with it. Thank you Rich for giving an old girl her 18 year old body back!” I attribute this to one man… Rich Enion.”


Personal Coaching Client, Hollywood, CA:

“Rich helped me tremendously!!  On Sunday I was fortunate to have a private session with Richard Enion. In my words, Rich focuses on Mind-Body-Empowerment-Relationships-Food-Creativity. I met Rich about 2 years ago and I couldn’t help but to be drawn to him because of his amazing and peaceful energy”.

Perry, Hollywood, CA.

Greg Small, REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals)

“Rich is a brilliant unique entity in the world of training and nutrition. Because of his World travel and relentless search for deeper and deeper knowledge and truth in his field Rich is a force to be reckoned with.  I highly recommend you get stuck into Rich Eats TV and be inspired.”

Nakd Bars

Our friends at Natural Balance Foods in the UK:

“After gaining success on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den with his high energy drumming performance company for corporate team building events, Rich has gone on to develop his business and also expand on his other passions of fitness, health and holistic living with his blogging sites Rich Eats. There’s so many strings to this guy’s bow – we just love what Rich has to say.”


Full Immersion Plan Testimonials

Personal Training, Venice Beach, CA
“Training sessions have been great because he listened to what I wanted to accomplish so he could make working out fun and effective. I feel better physically as well as mentally because I am making these changes. Rich is one of the most energetic and positive people that I have ever met and I genuinely feel like he cares about me succeeding at reaching a higher level of health.

The last year has been one filled with many changes for me but I think the greatest change has been starting to train with Rich.

I absolutely love it. I wanted to love it so that I would want to stick with it so that I could ultimately begin to live a healthier life. I have learned how to read labels, to really think about what I am eating, and to make better choices about food thanks to Rich”.


8 Week Full immersion plan
1 week in: “My skin is now clear and waistline feels tight. My moods are also much better! I’m aching everywhere and it feels great!”
Andy, Hollywood


1 Week training intensive with Rich
“I wanted to tell you that within the week that I’ve been seriously changing my eating habits, I already feel so much better, physically and emotionally. This change really came at the right time and I wouldn’t have known how to do it properly without your brilliance 🙂 “


1 Week training and food planning intensive with Rich

“I can say that the biggest difference was easier recovery from training, more energy level, even better metabolism (mine was pretty good anyway). The food tips definitely effected my mood, I felt happier and even more positive than usual!”


Blog Viewers Feedback

“I’ve been following Rich Eats for roughly 9 months now. The information and advice he shares has been invaluable on my quest for health and wellness. The changes I have experienced are confirmation of his knowledge. I have burned fat, become more toned, have increased energy/stamina and better mood. Literally life changing stuff when practiced. Thanks!”

“Just wanted to say huge thanks for all the advice and inspiration you’ve provided over the course of the last couple of years with food and lifestyle choices etc. It’s made a real difference to how we lead our lives.

What’s cool is that Rich’s inspiration has snowballed and my mum’s on it with her eating and training (the results with her health and well being have been phenomenal) and she’s influencing other family members. Anyways, must stop before I get carried away with my enthusiasm.”

2 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Rebecca carey on said:

    Where can I find information on your full immersion program?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for your message, email me on Rich(at)RichEats.TV and we can take it from there. When you email start by letting me know which city and country you’re in.

      Best wishes,


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