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Epic Bars – Paleo the most paleo I’ve seen

Epic Bars… They’re paleo tasty, clean, grass fed and unofficially organic.

I met these guys at Expo West 2013 and again this year (2014 indeed) so grabbed them and their bars for a tasty interview! Check this!!

Epic Bars are a paleo treat, yep they’re paleo and from wild free roaming animals. 100% GrassFed.

I met the Epic bars team, (you know that already if watched the video above). They’re decent guys and girls and on a decent mission bringing a nourishing replacement for nasty other factory farmed, chemical laden protein bars.

They’re not beef jerky, Epic paleo bars are a different world to beef jerky. Incomparable.

My experience eating Paleo
I’ve chilled out a lot since my hardcore zero tolerance paleo days. Paleo can be an amazing stepping stone into actually understanding digestion and your digestive system, and for some they will stay paleo and feel awesome. And for some it will potentially save their lives, or at the very least enhance and elongate their experience and time on this planet.

But there can be some pitfalls to avoid when it comes to eating paleo.

After a couple of years of paleo (zero tolerance) I started to feel a little drag in my energy, my digestion was becoming pretty inefficient and, basically I hit a wall with ‘What they heck do i eat now?’

Traditional Chinese medicine saved me here.

Chinese medicine helped me get in touch with my spleen. More on that later. The point is important because by blindly ‘going paleo’ it’s easy to miss out on foods that are necessary to nourish our organs OR to overindulge on certain ‘paleo’ foods that should perhaps be eaten in moderation.

Back to the point of this paleo rant…
In my opinion these bars taste awesome and are very clean and the team behind them are legit. Get in!

Epic are cleaning things up around here in the protein bar world

Eat (from) Your Farmer – Tip 1 from

Replace your advent calendar with these tips! Yes! Or, get an 85% or more organic, soy free, dark chocolate advent calendar and watch these with it!

Buying from your farmers market means your food will be fresher, more reasonably prices, the farmer gets paid directly and there will be less miles on your food – everyone’s a winner (almost… sorry supermarkets this one excludes you)

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Colombian Olympic Weightlifting Team Interview – Beautifully strong!

Brilliant, beautiful, fun and STRONG (and they eat a lot of ICE-CREAM!) This Rich Eats video is an interview with the AWESOME Colombian Weightlifting Team!!

When in Medellin, Colombia I had the privilege of meeting, training with and interview / harassing these girls about their training and eating schedule. When you’ve watched it feel free to share, like and comment to your hearts desire.

This is a photo of Jackelina Heredia Cuesta doing a 120KG Snatch at the London, 2012 Olympics:

1 man, 1 exercise, 5 stores… The Rich Eats Burpee Competition

A wild day spreading the word!

Before you watch this, see if you can guess how many burpees I completed in total, in all 5 stores before being kicked out…

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CrossFit Competition, Medellin, Colombia

This is an account of the most intense day of training I’ve ever endured (And I only actually trained for a total of around 20 minutes over 2 CrossFit WODs – ‘Workout Of the Day’).

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A massive thanks to Fuerza Crossfit in Medellin for training me for this competition and for giving me an insight into the world of CrossFit. I’m hooked! And very excited for tomorrow’s workout of ‘Angie’ which is 100 Pull-ups; 100 Push-ups; 100 Sit-ups; 100 Squats. For Time.

My take on CrossFit is that it is awesome. It is safe if you do it safely. Your coach is the one that is responsible for making sure your technique is right though at the end of the day it is your responsibility to make sure you have the right coach. Do research, ask people you know and trust to give their opinion on your coach and form. It’s important because CrossFit is intense, in fact, in my opinion any training you’re doing for fat loss or to improve your physical ability should be intense so make sure you’re doing it safely.

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 8

Some ‘interesting’ editing on this one though the message here and the one you tell yourself when you eat is really important…

What you think about when you eat is as or more important that what you’re actually eating…

Yes, it’s REALLY important to eat the right foods. Fresh fruit, fresh veg, (organic when you can) and the right carbs and proteins are really important though it’s at least equally as important to be thinking about the right things when you eat too.

Sounds strange? Kind of hippy? It’s like this: When you punish yourself emotionally for eating something that is ‘bad’ you’re doing even more damage to yourself. If/when you have a ‘bad abs day’ as I’ve been known to call it, give yourself a break – it’s OK.

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 7

Goji Berries are today’s tip!

They’re one of the ‘super foods’ we hear about…

Get involved eating them because they’re really high in Vitamin C (pond for pound higher than an orange), high in iron (which I’m finding more and more people are deficient in) and they have loads of amino acids (18 in total, 8 of which are essential amino acids our body cannot produce).

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 4

Awesome tips from B and Angie, owners of ‘Samara Organics’ in Samara, Costa Rica.

It’s the brand new Organic food store there. I’ve spent more time there in the past 2 days than I have on the beach. Those that know me will know this to be true. Sure B and Angie know I’ve been spending some serious $ there too having endured 2 months in Rio without so much as a sniff of Spirulina.

B Says: “Drink Kombucha” because it helps with joint inflammation and other ailments.

Angie’s tip: “don’t cook with olive oil, use Coconut oil instead” because olive oil turns toxic when it’s heated too much whereas coconut oil is a much more stable oil and endures those higher temperatures. Still enjoy the benefits of Olive oil on salads and even a quick ‘shooter’ in the morning though keep it away from the heat!

https://www.facebook.com/SamaraOrganics for more on their awesome store in Costa Rica

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 3

This is a special guest advent calendar tip by Bella who owns and is a chef at the Thai restaurant Kaibella in Samara, Costa Rica – Awesome Phad Thai by the way…

Oh, and she also has her own Kombucha brand. (Rich Eats Video on Kombucha coming soon!)

Bella’s tip is ‘not to overcook your vegetables because you will lose the nutrients and vitamins’. It’s an awesome tip from a great entrepreneurial Chef, a pleasure meeting you Bella! Thanks!

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

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