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Firm-Bum Kettlebells with Jeff Martone – Rich Eats

Jeff Martone is an expert in Kettlebells. If I’d known more about this awesome guy before I interviewed him I’m sure I would have asked him more than ‘how can women tone their bottoms?’ And, ‘How do I fix my shoulder?’ That said, this is interview was a pleasure (Thanks Jeff!) & hopefully when you watch it you will learn a little something.
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Jeff’s site is http://www.TacticalAthlete.com/

Side note – yes yes, I get it, Jeff’s skills are phenomenal and most certainly can, and are being put to far better use than tightening up a ‘butt’ but sometimes that’s all a girl wants… so here there it is! Thanks for watching and commenting…

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CrossFit Competition, Medellin, Colombia

This is an account of the most intense day of training I’ve ever endured (And I only actually trained for a total of around 20 minutes over 2 CrossFit WODs – ‘Workout Of the Day’).

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A massive thanks to Fuerza Crossfit in Medellin for training me for this competition and for giving me an insight into the world of CrossFit. I’m hooked! And very excited for tomorrow’s workout of ‘Angie’ which is 100 Pull-ups; 100 Push-ups; 100 Sit-ups; 100 Squats. For Time.

My take on CrossFit is that it is awesome. It is safe if you do it safely. Your coach is the one that is responsible for making sure your technique is right though at the end of the day it is your responsibility to make sure you have the right coach. Do research, ask people you know and trust to give their opinion on your coach and form. It’s important because CrossFit is intense, in fact, in my opinion any training you’re doing for fat loss or to improve your physical ability should be intense so make sure you’re doing it safely.

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