Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 7

Goji Berries are today’s tip!

They’re one of the ‘super foods’ we hear about…

Get involved eating them because they’re really high in Vitamin C (pond for pound higher than an orange), high in iron (which I’m finding more and more people are deficient in) and they have loads of amino acids (18 in total, 8 of which are essential amino acids our body cannot produce).

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 6

Today is all about Burpees!

They’re one of the best all-round exercises because they use so much of the body and I especially love them because, when you do them intensely enough they’re an awesome fat burner! Burpees are also really functional. Functional? By functional I mean it’s useful… you’re practicing and becoming very good at moving your body around, practicing explosive movements which might get you out of trouble one day.

Check out for more awesome videos on training…

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 5

Yesterday I met Mile, he’s a neuroscientist from Canada. We chatted for hours about pretty much everything… Literally everything from how pharmaceuticals affect our brain, the impact of our thoughts and stress levels on the immune system and even medical politics and ethics like the size of the scar tissue left from heart operations and how that leaves a reminder of the past lifestyle that led to the operation…

You know, the one tip that came from our conversations was from a more psychological point of view and it is… ‘Let it go’. We can’t change things that have happened in the past and the future is by and large out of our control too.

Let it go and live in the present.

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 4

Awesome tips from B and Angie, owners of ‘Samara Organics’ in Samara, Costa Rica.

It’s the brand new Organic food store there. I’ve spent more time there in the past 2 days than I have on the beach. Those that know me will know this to be true. Sure B and Angie know I’ve been spending some serious $ there too having endured 2 months in Rio without so much as a sniff of Spirulina.

B Says: “Drink Kombucha” because it helps with joint inflammation and other ailments.

Angie’s tip: “don’t cook with olive oil, use Coconut oil instead” because olive oil turns toxic when it’s heated too much whereas coconut oil is a much more stable oil and endures those higher temperatures. Still enjoy the benefits of Olive oil on salads and even a quick ‘shooter’ in the morning though keep it away from the heat! for more on their awesome store in Costa Rica

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 3

This is a special guest advent calendar tip by Bella who owns and is a chef at the Thai restaurant Kaibella in Samara, Costa Rica – Awesome Phad Thai by the way…

Oh, and she also has her own Kombucha brand. (Rich Eats Video on Kombucha coming soon!)

Bella’s tip is ‘not to overcook your vegetables because you will lose the nutrients and vitamins’. It’s an awesome tip from a great entrepreneurial Chef, a pleasure meeting you Bella! Thanks!

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 2

Day 2 (2nd December, 2011)

“Do something you enjoy” If you’d prefer to dance salsa than to use the gym then dance salsa! Like horse riding? That’s awesome exercise for your body and mind too. Do something you love and you’re more likely to keep doing it and become healthier!

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Rich Eats: Advent Calendar 2011 – Day 1

Day 1 (1st December, 2011)

Instead of opening a chocolate, get stuck into a new video tip each day!

Because Christmas isn’t about Jesus, giving or sharing any more, apparently it’s about consumerism & chocolate, so if I can help it move everyone (yes everyone on the entire planet) towards a healthy kind of consumerism then surely that’s better – right?

Well I’m doing it anyway… have a great day!

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Rich Eats: Birthday Treats

WARNING: This next video post is not my normal eating regime. It’s what’s known as an anomaly. An unusual occurrence.

Diets high in refined sugar can lead to weight gain, emotional instability and further sugar cravings. Sugar is highly addictive.

That said, eating cake until I couldn’t was a lot of fun!

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Do Kellogg’s Really Care About You? (Part 2)

I found this awesome report in The Age, an Australian newspaper, about marketing by cereal companies and thought I’d revive a couple of videos I posted about high sugar breakfast cereals…
Kelloggs Sugar

I’m actually really happy to read tweets and see news reports coming in now about companies like Kelloggs, who have a great opportunity to improve their currently horrendous products and use their distribution channels to help people live a healthy life. How long until they actually put something really awesome and healthy out there?

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day for our emotional stability and physical energy levels. If you’re eating sugary, refined breakfast cereal then you’re setting yourself up for a day of ups and downs. Get stuck into a high protein breakfast with some greens like Eggs and Spinach and you will be off to a much better start.

In my opinion Kellogg’s have been misleading consumers, aggressively marketing their products as healthy when they actually are not. Check out links and tweets at the bottom of this page to bloggers and companies talking about this.

Kellogg’s Cereal Bar Video: Posted June 2nd 2011

Credit where credit is due. Kelloggs did do a bit of work last year (2010) to reduce the sugar content of some of their products – though what did they replace it with and is it natural?

There is much more work to be done to clean up Kelloggs product range…

Wikipedia Posts on Kellogg’s Marketing:

Kelloggs Marketing Wikipedia

Some Links

The Age, Australian Newspaper

Kelloggs Sugar

Tweeters to check out on this subject:

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Rich Eats: Whole Foods

I wrote and filmed this the following back in 2011 before Whole Foods were exposed for selling GMO foods.  Now they are lower on my list of favorite places to shop though they do still stock some awesome stuff.

While I was in California I visited as many of these stores as possible… So many amazing foods to enjoy! And an awesome place to meet people!

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