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Tea Basics

Tea: fast facts
– Tea has been used as medicine for thousands of years

– If your tea is not organic or known to be from a wild and clean source it is almost guaranteed to have been grown in fertilisers and pesticides – this is bad for you and your environment

– Organic tea is a base level option tea (never non-organic) and if you can find wild, living tea choose that

– Tea is more than just a warm beverage, unless it’s just a warm beverage

– All tea comes from one tree, Camellia Sinensis (*)

– Sitting in silence drinking tea for a few moments each morning is a kind of meditation that can calm and direct your mind before you take on the day

– Tea for many is a meditation and way of calming, healing and feeling the inherent connection we have with this planet (unless it’s non-organic tea then it’s just hypocrisy. More on that in this blog post 😉

– British tea is not black tea in China, it’s red tea

Tea Information

Tea time!

When I ‘officially’ started out on the Rich Eats world travel extravaganza I was more focused on fat burning and vanity than holistic health and wellbeing. Well, tea was a HUGE part of this shift. In this article we are going to find out how tea is so much more than a dried and ground up leaf in a cup of hot water…

Tea is medicine (living tea that is…)

As well as the innate physical healing properties of tea, the X factor comes when we stop and think about what it stands for. Taking a moment out of the day to shut up, sit, think through the leaf to the mountain, to the sun energy growing the 500, 1000 even 2000+ year old tree, and how that tree is nourished by some of the cleanest water on the planet; it breathes the purest air and is a living part of a mountain ecology. As you sit and think about how one tree gives its leaves once per year and one family go to the tree to retrieve its gifts and guide them through this journey before being ready for your bowl (or cup), there is no deadline, no bill, or car that needs fixing… stress disappears and the feeling of peace and connection re-emerges. That is healing.

The tea ceremony – shhhhh…

When I arrived in LA I’d already had a taste of the real deal… teas from wild trees that is. t was at a tea bar in London where she first ‘spoke’ to me; unfortunately that great place no longer exists. (More about ‘talking tea’ here.)

With this knowledge of a tea world outside chemically grown bagged powders, there was no turning back, and like experiencing world travel outside the packaged holiday resort, that all inclusive convenience will never taste or feel the same. Back to LA, I found the tea world in Venice Beach, invited in.

The tea ceremony is about feeling the ever present connection with each other and nature, it is about drinking a healing medicine, allowing the qi energy to work its magic through your body and soul, letting go of judgement, the material man-made world disappears, financial status disintegrates into that which it is – just a number, in the ceremony we acknowledge and feel each other as equal living beings.

There is silence, sometimes hours (it’s a rarity in this day and age to sit with another person in silence and just feel), sometimes people cry from the emotions that are released (maybe that’s the tea working its magic), we engage in conversation (sometimes about tea, or whatever comes up), and as a wise Chinese Emperor once never said: it’s a moment to shut up and be.

Thinking bigger, choosing organic (foods as well as tea) is not about saving the planet but about preserving our place on this blue and green rock.

A nice interview with tea master Wu De… Watch it to find out more about this beautiful leaf!:

I want to give a big shout out to my amigo Colin who travels to Taiwan to meet the families and farmers who look after the living trees trees and process the leaves. He has an amazing company Living Tea and is my first port of call for everything tea!! Legend!! Thanks mate!

Tea with Wu De (we are drinking Puerh living tea)

Some people get swallowed by LA’s debauchery, I found a beautiful tea community and indulged in swallowing the nectar a philosophy of this beautiful leaf while loving every second of being around the fun, loving and interesting people.

I’ve spent many hours with the brilliant Wu De, once a group of us we sat for 7 hours with a short snack break. Wu De is a tea master and is a pleasure learning from and drinking with!

Enjoy this interview about Tea:

Living Tea is one of natures gifts to us. It is perfect.

There is no other leaf that fits so well with the human being than tea.

Always at least Organic Tea Fast Facts:

Organic tea will have some nutrients for you without the damaging chemicals
Non organic tea will be full of chemicals and very little nutrients (lacking in one of tea’s greatest gifts to us – antioxidants)
Organic and sustainable tea farms help bring a beautiful beverage to humanity, non organic bring poison and damage the planet
Wild living teas have a deeper energy and gift for humans.

What to do?
Only drink at least organic Tea. I say at least because you can get wild living tea that is from wild, old trees that are found high in the mountains of Taiwan and China.

What else is important?

It’s important to look deeper, seeing through the cup in front of you to the leaf, the tree, the ecology of the tree. If it is not organic tea (or from a wild source) the tea will have been grown on a farm using herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Those chemicals damage and leak from the farms (which in themselves are not isolated from the planet – just like nuclear waste cannot be ‘contained’) into rivers and then everywhere those rivers travel.

So what? Some scientists are predicting we are well into the 6th mass extinction. Though this one has been induced by man him/herself. To date one study shows that ** % of the World’s species have already been wiped out. Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides (used as chemical weapons in the Vietnam war)

Back to you. Because, perhaps you’re probably still thinking – what has this got to do with you? Well, all of the chemicals that went into the non organic tea tree from below are now in your leaf (tea bag) and all of the chemicals that were sprayed on top of the tea tree were also absorbed by the tea leaf. So… now when you pour hot water on to your tea leaves the chemicals are in your beverage. Drink it down and it’s inside your body, your thoughts, your relationships, your work, your life.

Organic or living tea from sustainable farms is the one way to instantly improve your life and help preserve our place on the planet.

This interview with Wu De, a brilliant man who is the tea master of Global Tea hut and the *** foundation in Tiawan. Having enjoyed many bowls with him Wu De has taught me much of what I know about tea. Thank you for your wisdom!

I’d also like to thank the beautiful tea community in Los Angeles for inviting me in, arms wide open. Love, tea and push ups.

Tea Smith London – Pouring and Steeping Tea

Tea first ‘Spoke’ to me at Tea Smith in London.  It’s a pretty wild and odd experience, though when she speaks to you, you will know.

This video is part of 3 or more hours of… Tea.

Tea with Wu De – More than Just Tea, it’s Cha Tao

This interview was an absolute privilege. Wu De, when in the Western World, is a highly sought after Tea Master.

His ceremonies are World renowned and I had the absolute pleasure of spending a couple of hours with him drinking tea and chatting about Cha Tao (The Way of Tea).

(Notice the dozy state I am in from the tea and Wu De’s hypnotic words…) is the website for the centre Wu De is part of in Taiwan. They share their learnings, inviting everyone to taste the real depth that tea has to offer. It can be much more than a simple beverage.

This is a just a snippet from the hours of chatting and tea drinking we did. You will notice in this 3 minute clip that we hardly touch upon flavors or tastes because when we drink tea, we drink for a feeling first then for the taste…

(I will write more here after my siesta followed by a high mountain Oolong)

OK, that was a nice siesta, followed by a ‘high mountain oolong’ tea. So I’m fresh and wide awake!

This is the deal, tea is a delicate plant. It’s a beautiful thing (yep, beautiful!). And there are, broadly speaking 3 ways in which tea is available to us in the Western world.

1) Non-organic, ‘tea in a bag’ (always avoid).

Yes, I know most people drink this kind of tea. Well, it’s OK to drink it if you want to, of course it is, though know this – non-organic tea in a bag that is crushed to a powder (commercial english tea and especially those ‘herbal’ teas in brightly colored packets) will have been farmed, cultivated for mass production using chemical fertalizers for maximum plants and profit. Which, by the way, is a BRILLIANT business model if the focus is just profit with little care for the tree or consumer. THIS is the key part, ready; When we drink that kind of tea we also take on the chemicals used to grow it.

2) Organic ‘tea in a bag’ or Organic loose leaf.

This kind of tea is a step in the right direction. It is going to be cleaner than the non-organic tea. Opt for loose leaf organic tea over tea in a bag, especially if the tea in a bag has been crushed to a powder. When tea is in powdered form it means all the tea’s properties will be released in one or 2 steeps, as opposed to 4 or more from the loose leaf. Loose leaf tea just takes a little more effort, and is absolutely worth it.

Important note: not all loose leaf tea is created equally. A lot of loose leaf tea is also grown using chemicals and fertilizers. Look out for that jittery feeling often associated with coffee, it is very often the chemicals used which cause those feelings and not the properties of the natural plant.

3) Living tea (sometimes called wild tea).

This is the real deal… and often hard to find, because it is such a precious thing.  It is tea leaves harvested from big old trees that have been alive for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years, often more than 600 years of sunlight, moonlight, taking in energy from the nutrient rich earth high in the mountains of Yunnan where the air is clean and the water pure. That is the kind of tea we want to be drinking. Sometimes deep and wise tea (like the puerh’s), sometimes light and energizing light a high mountain oolong…

There is so much more to write about here, and equally there is much about tea that cannot be communicated through the written word because tea has it’s own energy, it’s ‘chi’. This chi is tricky to describe and almost impossible to define though Wu De answers the question “What is Cha Chi?” from my favorite tea house in London in a video coming soon…


Drink tea for a feeling first, then for the taste.

Tea Etiquette (and how to say ‘cheers’)

Who cares about tea? If you’re into health, living a high quality healthy life and already drinking tea (and even if you’re not) then you are going to love this! Tea is especially good for those training at high intensity because of… well because of a million different reasons (some of which I have listed after this video)

The more tea masters I meet, the more learning I do. Tea is the teacher. It’s much more than just an energy kick. Without getting too hippie (which I’m told I am becoming) tea can really enhance a persons’ life. Without a doubt tea, specifically living tea, is the single most significant thing I have discovered in the most recent 6 months, you might like to get involved…?

In this short clip John at Tea Smith London explains a secret way of saying ‘cheers’ or showing respect when drinking tea. (Remember hit that like button if you like this because I’m not selling or pushing drugs on you, the ‘like’ or ‘share’ is all that is required.)

Tea, as legend has it

The finger tapping described in this video is from a legendary tale of an Emperor who was inspired to learn from a tea house who were delivering a particularly high standard of tea service. And, as you can imagine, it’s not really customary for the Emperor to serve tea. Insistent on getting stuck in, he started working there, and as a way for ‘his people’ to show respect without blowing his cover, instead of bowing they would bow with their fingers.

(On a side tangent, in East Asia, bowing is a fairly complex and brilliant thing – with the depth and angle of the bow determining the amount of respect shown – now you know)

Different teas offer different feelings / health benefits…

Antioxidants, stress relief, deeper sleep, better digestion through probiotics, stimulants (with a much more gradual ‘come-down’), meeting people, making friends (‘make friends through tea’ is a known saying in the tea world – it’s true.), less anxiety, self actualization (thought I’d throw that one in there for dramatic effect…).

Tea – it’s awesome.

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Caffeine kick with less of the anxiety…

Green Tea: yes, it contains caffeine, though its natural Theanine content means the negative effects normally associated with caffeine are much more tolerable.

John from Tea Smith, London tells us about it…

The ALMIGHTY Matcha Tea by Tea Smith (& Rich Eats)


This one is about Matcha Tea.

When done right Tea tastes amazing and is SO good for our bodies (do it wrong and it tastes like Sh*t). Learn how it is done properly right here. Tea Smith in London is quite possibly my favorite tea bar in the World. Awesome.

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Hint – watch this video now and realise why your local high street cafe probably doesn’t understand what they are doing with your tea bag.

Rich Eats: Tea Taster

I’ve been meaning to do a video about Tea for SO long… This is a prequel to more detailed tea videos. I just had to get this one off my chest!


Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: Hardcore – Stripping Your Body

Before you read on, I acknowledge I am obsessed with and love experimenting with my exercise and eating.

This post might be best read and applied now to get you ready for Christmas (and the rest of your life!) Or, if you’re one of those New Year starters maybe begin on the 1st / 2nd Jan… it’s up to you!

I’ve read a lot, listened a lot, and experimented even more in a quest to balance my diet. The recommendations I make below were initially trialed over one week though may now play a regular part in my eating and exercise habits. This regime required a lot of determination, but even if you take away just a few of my suggestions, I am sure you will feel better, stronger and healthier both mentally and physically. The Goal of this was to get very lean very quickly and is not all recommended as a long term strategy.


Always listen to your body. If you’re feeling fait or dizzy while trying any of my suggestions in this post resume your normal eating and exercise habits immediately and consult a doctor.

Always consult a doctor/nutritionist before making any sever changes to your eating and exercise regime.

My One Week Trial

See how your body reacts to this, adjust it and adapt it to suit you – pick up the phone or email me if you need any personal advice.

1. Drink more water

Add one litre of water to your daily intake because this change in your eating and drinking will flush your body of stored (some toxic) fluids and you need to help flush them out.

2. Drink more tea

Drink two cups of dandelion tea per day – Why dandelion? It flushes out stored water held captive in our bodies by certain foods we eat like grains, pulses and foods containing starch.

Drink one cup of green tea per day – Why green? It is full of antioxidants which help ‘mop up’ free radicals, and it also flushes out stored water. To the surprise of many, green tea also contains caffeine which I personally use for a bit of a boost when working out.

££ What to buy – Tea Pigs do awesome green tea and they charge you for it too! It’s worth it for now. I avoid Twinings tea because it gives me a headache after a couple of mouthfuls, I need to find out what is in it that my body does not like

3. Cut out bread, wheat, starch, pasta, rice, grains & pulses

Because these foods are prime culprits for keeping water in the body. They do provide some goodness though if you’re looking to lean-up in a short period of time cutting these out will let your body release stored water. Understand me right here, I will eat brown rice, pulse and grains normally this is quite an extreme change to our eating habits here. I’m not recommending you cut all pulses, grains and rice for a long period of time (no more than 2 weeks).

4. Eat more of the following

Fish – tuna in spring water, tuna steaks, salmon, mackerel, cod, haddock (not from the chippy), chicken, turkey, lean beef (sirloin & fillet) – I only eat red meat once or twice a month.

Dark chocolate – Not much, only 200g every couple of weeks my personal favorite is Montezuma’s and go for at least 70% cocoa. Why chocolate? I admit it is one of my vices, but it does have benefits in terms of temporarily boosting your mood and the anti-oxidants which will mop up free-radicals in your system – watch out for the energy crash after if you have too much!

5. Add Vitamin C powder to your diet

N.B Not those ridicuous fizzy, sweet-tasting vitamin C tablets. Read on…

Consult your doctor before trying the following.

Following a number of conversations with herbalists and doctors I have found out that there are risks that accompany super-dosing in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is acidic (citric or ascorbic acid) so it can cause esophagus and stomach inflammation or even ulcers at very high doses. That said it is water soluble so any excess will just pass through your system rather than build up. (Those of you who know me will know I am very much into keeping an alkaline diet so lease do counter this additional acid in your system with more alkaline foods like almonds, cucumbers, peas and other green veg).

Over the last week I have been taking 3000mg of Vitamin C powder 3 times per day (I’m not recommending you do this). Yes I did take 3000mg 3 times per day. This is a lot, and I recommend you perhaps start with 500mg to 1000mg 2 or 3 times per day and find a level that you are comfortable with and you will feel healthier, have more energy and become leaner.

Two points I’d like to make here:

1) Yes, it’s WAY over the RDA (75 to 90mg per day) – I’d like to add to this; not all medical professionals believe the governments RDA’s are right. RDA’s are based on the ‘average’ person. If you’re exercising hard, smoking (I hope not!) or pushing your self in any way more than the average person then you can pretty much dismiss any RDA’s. What is an average person anyway!?

Super-dosing in Vitamin C has been recommended by some of the world’s top doctors as preventatives and remedies for illnesses like cancer. See what Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD has to say here. Please do some of your own research before super-dosing in Vitamin C.

2) It does not taste great at first, and it may upset your stomach/give you a little Diarrhea but it makes a huge positive difference when you find the right level for you to take.

6. Use the steam room/sauna more often

I go four or five times per week now – Time in the sauna/steam room helps you sweat out toxins & fat, it actually gives your cardiovascular system a work out, and revitalises your skin by sweating out pollution and dead skin, burning calories even when you leave. I prefer the sauna because it feels cleaner (in the steam room I feel like im breathing in everyone else’s sweat!)

Note – you will need to drink even more water if you are visiting the sauna/steam room this regularly

7. Eat more blueberries, red grapes, green apples, cucumbers, broccoli, peas,

Because you will be flushing toxins out of your organs in this diet you will need to increase the amount of antioxidants in there to help clean them up. The above will pump you full of much needed vitamins and anti-oxidants. Great for your hair, skin and nails too!

In summary

Drink more water, and cut out foods that hold water (no Dairy, No Wheat, no Grains), add the teas recommended above.

What will this mean for your body?

Higher energy levels – My body feels so light (I dropped 1.5kg in a week) and I have so much more energy than before.

Toning – You should notice that your body has become more toned all over

Peeing and pooing – This diet flushes out your system, so prepare yourself for my time on the toilet

Exercise – Even if you’re don’t exercise regularly you will notice a difference in your energy levels and physique

Wise words

You should always consult a doctor before changing your eating and exercise habits. This diet is the balance that works for my physique and my training habits, if you need it to be tailored to your physique and training habits call or email me.


I am not being paid by any brands to endorse or damn products. Any products that are recommended on this site are simply a part of my diet because I love eatint/drinking them. If you represent any of the brand mentioned in this post/blog please do get in touch with me now.


This diet may cause a few problems for vegetarians because there is a focus on fish and meat protein, take what you can from my suggestions and get in touch and we can find you another source of protein.


If there is one take away from this blog – increase your daily water intake and drink dandelion tea, it will make a huge positive difference to your body.

A special thanks to Tom Baxter for advising me on much of the above – Cheers Baxter!

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