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Do What You Love (Tip 3, December 3rd)

Training in the gym, lifting weights, hill sprints and squats (etc) are all awesome for developing your body in different ways though you know the key thing to achieving the physique and peace of mind you want? It is to LOVE what you’re doing. That way it will be sustainable. There are a million ways to develop your body and train your mind. Find the ways you love and enjoy them…

Those of you out there loving what you’re doing – that’s awesome! If you’re not sure if you like the gym or go because you think you have to – maybe try something different?

“Pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

Pay the farmer or pay the hospital… 11 year old kid hits the nail on the head!

New York Times Food Blogger Dawn Lerman on Psychosomatic Effect of Eating

The food we put in our mouths is VERY important! What we THINK about when we eat it is more important. The psychosomatic effect of what we eat is huge!

With this clip we are getting a bit hippy. And that’s OK because sometimes we all need to get a bit ‘hippy’…

Now we’re not saying go out there and eat loads of sugary, trans-fatty food GMO foods from McDonalds or KFC. What we are saying is if you want some junk, cut yourself some slack. Enjoy it, acknowledge that it is junk and that it’s not food and laugh it off and feel good because the guilt and psychological torture of “Oh…. I shouldn’t have eaten that…” makes a mess of your body physically as much as and possibly more than the food will.

On that note, when you eat good food that is nourishing for you, get hippy about it and celebrate it with good thoughts. Thinking “This organic chicken salad with organic extra virgin olive oil is SO good for me and I feel AWESOME” is going to amplify the benefits of that good food.

Yes I know it sounds hippy. It really does. But you know what – try it both ways and see which feels best. Its a no brainer! It works.

Still Eating Oatmeal or Porridge? Rich Eats @ Function 5 Fitness

YES! This is a fun interview on Fat burning, Paleo, Muay thai, vegetarian diet & why not to eat oatmeal… And of course getting excited about training & eating well!

Function 5 Fitness is a Boutique Gym in Hollywood. It’s awesome and they know what they’re doing.

Roxy who, is co-owner and a trainer Function 5 Fitness, is a great sport for going along with all the rather distracting things we do in this interview.

Enjoy! We’d love to read your feedback afterwards too…

Why the FDA wont ban HFCS even though Fructose (without fibre) is killing us…

Watch the first 10 minutes, if you like it and want to get deeper watch it all.

For many people this is old news though it’s very very relevant!

In short: Fructose (when separated from fibre i.e in fruit) is one of if not the biggest contributor to the obesity epidemic. Avoid High Fructse Corn Syrup, Sucrose (which is glucose and fructose).


Austin, Texas High School Gym (Inspirational!)

Help your children create good habits early on by inspiring them into some kind of training wether it is through a sport, gym, CrossFit, whatever. Just give them an awesome start in life to create habits that mean they will be fit and healthy!

This is the training facility at ‘Westlake High School’ in Austin, Texas – Brilliant!

This kind of awesome facility helps win the battle:

“Many factors contribute to rising obesity rates. Among them: The abundance of low-priced, high-calorie processed foods and sugary drinks. Incessant food marketing to drive people to eat more, even when they are full” Harvard Medical School (2012)

1 man, 1 exercise, 5 stores… The Rich Eats Burpee Competition

A wild day spreading the word!

Before you watch this, see if you can guess how many burpees I completed in total, in all 5 stores before being kicked out…

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