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Butt Exercises and interview on fat burning

Butt butt butt butt butt! This interview with Jules has so much more than just that, BUT following this interview I’ve been doing the exercises she recommends and they are AWESOME!

Combine a great love for glutes (and their development), great white sharks, ‘eating clean’, doing what you love for a living and sunny Santa Monica and we’ve got Jules!

I selected this young lady as a ‘subject for question’ having seen her working with clients at Iron Fitness in Santa Monica. We chatted for a few seconds and bam! I knew I had to interview her… Get involved with this video if you’re looking for info on getting off a plateau with your training, bum / butt exercises, training philosophy and a load of smiles:

Jules is a PT (Personal Trainer, Entrenador Personal) at Iron Fitness, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. Her passion, drive, love for training and sharing this knowledge is second to nadie (no-one).

(I’m throwing in the Spanish today because I just got back from doing some research in Colombia – they still think Soy is healthy! OMG.)

The back of the legs and butt are some of the hardest areas of the body to hit. Hip thrusters are one of the best butt exercises around, actually according to that study that university of Pheonix Hip thrusters ARE the best butt and leg exercise.

Get involved.

Day 7 – Home or Hotel Workout for you

I know, I know, it’s a little tougher to motivate yourself when you are on the road of without gym… but, I’m going to guess you still brush you teeth?

Check out these movements for you potential home/hotel workout:

Remember you can adapt the movements to your level and ability – Push-ups can be knee pushups. Burpees can be step out burpees…

Enjoy this!

Compression shorts for Sports performance & Fat Bottoms

Some people love them, some hate them – compression shorts!

Because my body stores fat around my bottom I love compression shorts for high intensity training. The Science is that the compression around your muscle brings more oxygen in to them meaning more of the acid get pushed out. An all round winner! (Until someone steals them from your washing line like today for me…)

Firm-Bum Kettlebells with Jeff Martone – Rich Eats

Jeff Martone is an expert in Kettlebells. If I’d known more about this awesome guy before I interviewed him I’m sure I would have asked him more than ‘how can women tone their bottoms?’ And, ‘How do I fix my shoulder?’ That said, this is interview was a pleasure (Thanks Jeff!) & hopefully when you watch it you will learn a little something.
Enjoy and remember to comment and like if you do…

Jeff’s site is

Side note – yes yes, I get it, Jeff’s skills are phenomenal and most certainly can, and are being put to far better use than tightening up a ‘butt’ but sometimes that’s all a girl wants… so here there it is! Thanks for watching and commenting…

LOVE BURPEES? Watch this video…

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