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Rich Eats: Do Kelloggs Care About You?

Rich Eats videos are finally here!

This is my latest post which is about cereal bars. If you eat them you will probably want to watch this.

(I’d love to read your feedback)

And, ‘Don’t Go Ahead’ need to be mentioned here too:

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: Breakfast Cereal – Think you’re on a ‘diet’?

If you’re eating Breakfast Cereal to lose weight and ‘balance’ your diet think again.

They promote their products as ‘low fat’ which is true, though the reality is that most of these foods are full of sugar and wheat which is NOT part of a balanced diet, and will happily be converted into fat inside your body. Not to mention the implications added refined sugar has on your mood, insulin resistance and risk of diabetes.

Stay cool about it, it is serious, though just be aware and know that added sugar in your foods should be cut right down and or avoided!

Organic Raw Honey is an alternative to consider (unless you are on a strict fat loss program) because this kind of honey does actually contain nutrients…

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