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GMO Genetically Modified – For better or Worse?

Watch this first…

Why are we all being fed by a poison expert?


GMO Genetically Modified Organisms chat with Lauire Cohen Peters who is the director of communications at IRT (Institute for Responsible Technology). She knows pretty much all there is to know about the most up to date info on GMO’s.

GMO WHAT = They changed the genetic make-up (DNA not ‘war paint’) (DNA) in a way that does not occur naturally.

GMO WHY = to survive herbicides – i.e so they can spray as much herbicide as possible on the land and the plants will survive.

GMO WHERE = More than 70% of packaged foods in North America contain GMOs.

GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO or genetically modified organisms are a hot topic of health and sustainability right now. Especially the labeling of GMO’s – Unless you know the right questions to ask and ingredients to look for, it’s tricky to know what’s GMO and to choose the Non-GMO. I’m heading to high tech foodie event Bite Silicon Valley this weekend in Santa Clara this weekend to find out even more…

It’s hard to know who to trust and which studies on GMO are legit but there are a few important things to consider:

– Why have Monsanto and the other GMO companies been so secretive about GMOs? If they had been open about the labeling in the first place then this fuss would be much less intense.

– Man-made Trans fats were introduced into food as a means of giving foods a longer shelf life. They were not initially labeled. Then, when we found out that trans fats were causing illness and disease in humans (heart related mainly) they were forced to be labeled. GMO’s are following that pattern in many ways.

– The long term effects in humans of taking genes from an octopus and putting it into a potato, for example are known.

– The GMO genetically modified organisms industry is worth billions of dollars.

– Biotech companies (Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Dow Chemical Company) own the crops and pitch their products to be the saviors of humanity.

– Neil Young just released and album called ‘The Monsanto Years’ and is going on tour against Monsanto and GMO. He is bringing awareness.

– Bono of the band U2 is pro-GMO$ and pro Monsanto.

Do you want GMO crop in the UK?

Imported GMO foods and GMO feed for animals is already all over the UK. Organic meats will not be from animals fed GMO.

This is the British newspaper the Guardian reporting on Birth Defects in Hawaii and GMO:
“When the spraying is underway and the wind blows downhill from the fields to the town – a time no spraying should occur – residents complain of stinging eyes, headaches and vomiting.”

The people of Hungary burned Monsanto’s crop when they tried to grow there.
Dr Huber and Dr Mercola discussing GMO:
“It’s important to realize that glyphosate is not “just” a herbicide. As explained by Dr. Huber, it was first patented as a mineral chelator. It immobilizes nutrients, so they’re not physiologically available for your body.”
You may have the mineral [in the plant], but if it’s chelated with glyphosate, it’s not going to be available physiologically for you to use, so you’re just eating a piece of gravel,” Dr. Huber says.

Dr Mercola and Dr Huber on GMO:

“Despite what the media and so-called “experts” proclaim, there are NO peer-reviewed scientific papers establishing the safety of GMO crops.
According to Dr. Huber, so far, no one has been able to establish that there’s a safety factor to either the genetically engineered proteins (i.e. the foreign proteins produced by the genetically modified plant) or the chemicals we’re consuming in ever larger quantities as a result of the genetic engineering process.
There are, however, both clinical and peer-reviewed scientific papers showing the hazards of GMO crops, including harmful secondary effects.”

France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Luxemburg amongst others banned GMO crop.
EU countries, unlike others, can ban GMO.…/new-e-u-law-lets-natio…/
More quotes from Dr Huber and Mercola:
“Epidemiological patterns show there’s an identical rise in over 30 human diseases correlated with our increased usage of glyphosate and the increased prevalence of genetically engineered proteins in our food. ”

“You can’t really discuss genetic engineering without also addressing the chemicals these plants are engineered to tolerate. About 85 percent of all genetically engineered plants are herbicide-tolerant—designed to tolerate very high levels of herbicides, glyphosate in particular. These are the so-called Roundup Ready crops.
It’s important to realize that glyphosate is not “just” an herbicide. As explained by Dr. Huber, it was first patented as a mineral chelator. It immobilizes nutrients, so they’re not physiologically available for your body.
“You may have the mineral [in the plant], but if it’s chelated with glyphosate, it’s not going to be available physiologically for you to use, so you’re just eating a piece of gravel,” Dr. Huber says.

This is what says about GMO:

corn soy cotton canola sugar beets genetically modified

These end up as ingredients in all kinds of packaged foods:

Corn = corn syrup, corn starch.
Soy = hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
Canola = canola oil.
Sugar beets = processed sugar.
Cotton = cottonseed oil.

Various food additives including flavoring agents, nutritional supplementation, thickeners and pH regulators.

Meat and dairy animals as well as farmed fish may eat GMO feed since GMOs are prevalent in the commodity grain market.


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For now we are organic and local where possible. And it’s almost always possible..

New Years Evolution – OF YOUR MOUTH!

Re-train your mouth.

“WOAH!! Steady there boy, sit.. sit… NO, stop eating that muffin!”

Well, I guess if you’re talking you’re not eating a muffin… theoretically.

This is the deal. Years and years of abusing your tongue has led to a bit of a, let’s say problem. Take person ‘A’ who eats Kelloggs Special K with skimmed milk for breakfast, drinks one diet or full sugar drink (soda / cordial), a couple of Haribos (candy) here and there, or even a ‘be good to yourself’ biscuit.

Person ‘B’ (en el otro mano) eats a protein & fat breakfast (like mine this morning Salmon steak, avocado and some almonds with some omega 3 fish oil from sardines and mackerel), fixes their sweet tooth with cacao powder, frozen banana and coconut water smoothies, and has been conditioning their taste buds with real food.  Avoiding artificial sweeteners like a fish avoids land (and fish farms).

Cut a farmers market pink grapefruit in half and give it to A and B.  Person ‘A’ is likely to have a HORRIBLE time eating that thing… Because of how their taste buds and body perceives ‘sweet’ to be in comparison and contrast to their ‘normal’, That half a pink grapefruit is going to taste SO sour. Person B on the other hand is going to notice the bitterness though it is going to be a satisfying and nourishing eat that leave them feeling refreshed.

Person ‘A’s taste buds (and hormones) have been screwed with so much by artificial and refined sweetness that, when aligned with nature (a piece of fruit) their reference for ‘sweet’ is completely out of touch.  And this is GREAT for cereal manufacturers, soda companies because they have trained us to desire their sweetness. Oh no!


Perhaps 2013 is the year you realign your taste buds with what sweet actually is. Oh, and this is definitely going to help you reaching your fat burning goals, quality of thought and mood (yes this helps in all relationships too), work, longevity and pretty much everything else!

What to do to realign your taste buds and experience all of the fat loss and mood enhancing side effects? Remove artificial sweeteners and refined sugar on a set time and date (now is always a great time and date). Set yourself a goal of 2 weeks, during which write down any cravings you get and the time of day (your phone is good place to vent the cravings), let those cravings go.

Tips on how to survive this?

1) P + F is the formula.

Eat  a protein and fat breakfast (eggs, spinach and brazil nuts / Salmon & Avocado. This will help set the pace of your cravings for the day.

2) Eat more.

Add an extra meal to your day (see point one above for type of meal. (yes all of my meals are a rotation of different proteins, fats and veg/salad/fruit)

3) Replace the sweetness with a higher quality alternative.  The key is something that is nutrient dense. Aim for the most nutrients for the least sugar. Like farmers market or organic berries.

4) Hot drinks.

For hot drinks like tea or coffee (always organic) learn to appreciate the actual taste of the food.  When you pile sugar, sweetener and milk in there it’s highly likely that you are drinking primarily for stimulants.  That’s another post entirely though acknowledge that then figure out how to get the best stimulants with the most nutrients – e.g Matcha green tea, other types of green tea, other teas (see what I’m getting at here…) or organic black coffee.

5) Green juice (+ fibre)

I mean the real stuff and with the fibre. See this video for more. It will help you. It WILL help you.

6) Empty your cupboards.

Don’t buy artificially sweet foods. Don’t have them in the house (and kids especially don’t need them either).  Keep them away because the temptation can and probably will be too much!

Robb Wolf gives a great comparison for staying away from the temptation of ‘bad foods’ by not putting them in the house. He brings in the monogamy metaphor, saying most people feel like that can be monogamous, exchanging the excitement of dating for different exciting experiences.  Though, he says, perhaps this monogamy (irrelevant of sex or sexual orientation) would perhaps be a little tricky if you were drunk/in an alternate state and dropped off at the Playboy mansion (substitue Playboy mansion for dinner with ‘friend from work’, business trip etc…).  Sugar, sweeteners and refined carbs are just like this because they stimulate the same receptors in the brain as heroin or morphine! *Side note, in a money making sense – what an ‘AWESOME’ product to sell!.  Get that stuff out of the house! 

In the past more than now, I’ve fallen for this one a good few times before – the refined carbs cravings that is. A seemingly holy bar of organic 85% dark chocolate (without soy lecithin) was sitting so peacefully and perfectly in the cupboard, until I gave in like a heroin addict and ate half the bar!

I repeat: Get that stuff out of the house! 

Ps. Expect a hellish first few days, then see how much easier it gets and how much better foods begin to taste. AND how your mood gets more stable and everything is going to be more than OK…


Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 19

I’m paraphrasing a little here:

Harvard Medical say that Sugar makes you fat.

As an instantly gratifying fix humans created artificial sweeteners with very few calories. Though, as with most things that are instantly gratifying there are some problems associated with artificial sweeteners.

Today’s tip is not about the health issues surrounding artificial sweeteners (you can look those up). It’s about the desensitising of our taste-buds because of them. Artificial sweeteners are 100’s to 1000’s times sweeter than natural sugar/s and so real food that has health benefits like fruit and vegetables are becoming less and less appealing. When you cut artificial sweeteners from your life, re-calberating your taste-buds you will know how horrendous the sweeteners actually are and how good fruit and veg can taste. Sounds kind of hippy though it’s true.

Today’s tip is reduce and then eliminate artificial sweeteners for a better tasting life.

These are some of the artificial sweeteners I avoid 99% of the time:

Aspartame, Acesuflame K, Sucralose, Saccharin, Neotame, Acesuflame Potassium… This list will grow…

And brand names of sweeteners I avoid: Sweet n Low, Splenda… This list will grow…

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: Diet Drinks Make You Fat

‘Diet Drinks Make You Fat’ is on the front page of a british new paper today so I thought I’d take the liberty of commenting… of course…

To start, a big thanks to Jo Willey for bringing this info to the table. It’s information many of us already know though for some reason ignore. I’d like to add that Diet Drinks are full of artificial crap that we don’t need.

The article brings to our attention studies done in America that are finding that artificial sweeteners (chemicals) like Aspartame, Acesulfame K trigger our bodies into expecting energy, then receive nothing, which leaves us craving that energy our bodies thought it was going to get!

The key thing here is they’re linking the sweet taste to our body preparing for and expecting food with energy. When our body does not get this energy it leaves a hole that needs filling! So we shove more in… hence one of the reason why people become addicted to foods with artificial sweeteners.

The article doesn’t mention the potential damaging effects these chemicals have on our body!

See this video for my take on Aspartame.

Thanks again Jo!

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

Rich Eats: This might kill you… (Aspartame)

So, it turns out there are potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners in most ‘diet’, ‘sugar free’, ‘low sugar’ products we consume.

Chewing gum even has them! (Lots of them)

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