I was an obese kid…

…with most of my fat enjoying itself residing in my buttocks, legs and ‘love handles’.  When I was 12 I was so self-conscious that I would carry my back pack around to try and hide my fat bum!

Years of World travel focused on  training, nutrition, investigative journalism and experimentation has helped me create the physique I have now.  During these years of travel I have met many, many brilliant people, some of whom you will find in the videos on this site.

This picture shows my body shape at 15 years old and then at 30 years old:

Rich Eats training


At 15 years old I was wearing the biggest trousers available on the British high street, I was overweight, unfit and unhealthy. Like many people today, I was eating most things without having the slightest idea of the impact it was having on my body and mind.

A typical food day when I was 15

Breakfast at home (normally sugary cereal and or white toast), breakfast again at school (toast with jam and butter), 11:15 I’d eat a hot dog or sausage roll, then some kind of sweets/candy in class. Lunch would be a burger or ‘chip-butty’ followed by a sugary dessert. Then dinner would be at around 4pm followed by an evening of grazing on either junk or food ‘marketed as ‘healthy’ which was pretty much just sugar and wheat.

It was an ugly cycle that swelled me up to own the statistics: 15 years old, almost 90kg (198lbs), 38″ waist and obese.

I asked people around me how to lose fat, they didn’t know. So I learned.

Now, admittedly I’ve gone quite far with, let’s call it ‘my interest’ in food and training. Some would say too far. My wish is that when you watch my videos and by following me on FaceBook

and twitter you might learn a couple of things that enhance your life.

I care about you. The big food manufacturers do not.

In my opinion there are many high street brands that abuse their position to manipulate consumers. They aggressively market their unnecessary, unhealthy products as actually being healthy and ‘trick’ consumers and your children (if you have them) into buying and eating products. These products, in my opinion and in the opinion of thousands of medical professionals and nutritionists, are detrimental to your health.

Know and nourish your body. and more often than you’d probably like; read the label.

What’s Next?

A book and documentary! I’m currently living in Venice Beach, California co-aurhoring a book with the awesome Jeff Deperon.  The book is about everything. Literally everything, though you will not find and prescriptive training moves or diets. It’s much more.  I’m also continuing to acquire footage for a documentary that will be released at some point this lifetime…

Until then enjoy the video on this blog. Maybe start with this one and then this one on Tabata training.

Get involved by clicking like on the Rich Eats FaceBook page, we are building quite a tribe!

Important, please read:
The content of the Rich Eats website/blog/social media, including text, graphics and images, are for informational purposes only. The content of this website/blog/social media is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Study and papers:

– National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT)
– 1st Class Degree with hons  in Business Information Systems (BA Hons in BIS)
– 5+ years world travel focused on researching training, health, fat-loss and fitness.

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