Exclusive (written) Interview with Ross Enamait of ‘Ross Training’

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3 clap push-ups, ‘triple-unders’, 335lb (152kg) bench press, an 84 year old doing gymnastics and ultimate conditioning and strength training. Just some of the things you’re going to be exposed to here!

I was introduced to this gent a few years ago by my great friend Tom Baxter, and finally, this week, I had the privilege of interviewing Ross…

As a taster for you, this is one of my favorite quotes from the interview:

“I know plenty of people who will read every review they can find before committing to an electronics purchase. They will spend hours researching phones, cameras, and computers. They do so while snacking on processed crap filled with ingredients that only a chemist could pronounce.

Why not invest as much energy into researching viable nutritional options? Unlike an electronics purchase, you cannot refund your body. Take care of it the first time around.

If you want to know why I interviewed Ross check out this video of him training then, when you’ve picked your jaw up from the floor, read on to get an insight into his training and life philosophy, which is as admirable as his physical performance.

The ‘Ross Training’ Interview

Ross, you’re a beast. Your strength and agility is incredible! Understanding that everyone has different fueling requirements, what is a typical day of food and beverage for you?

“Thanks for the kind words, although I don’t consider myself special. I believe we are all capable of much more than we realize. I just like to push the envelope in hopes of finding out how far I can go. In doing so, hopefully I can motivate others to do the same.

As for diet, I do not follow any specific plans. I’m not a fan of micro-managing the process of eating. Life is already too short. I don’t need to analyze each morsel that enters my mouth. I’m all for common sense. As a result, I tend to eat real food, meaning that it once flew, grew, swam or walked. I stay away from most of the man-made, processed crap that fills most supermarket shelves.

As for beverages, water is my first choice. I’ll often add fresh lemon or lime for flavor. I also enjoy fresh raw milk.

As for meals, I typically eat a large breakfast and dinner. In between, I eat when I can, depending on what I am doing in the gym. I have a big appetite though so I do eat a lot throughout each 24 hour block.”

(Image below is Ross in the middle of a 3 clap push up – do the maths…)

In your professional opinion what’s the one thing we can do to help inspire better eating for kids?

“Parents need to lead from the front and become better role models. If more parents lived healthy and active lives, there would be more children who followed suit. I say this as a father to two healthy children. My kids imitate what they see me do. They eat what I eat and they are regulars in the gym. That is the lifestyle they were born into. It is all they have ever known.

It is also worth pointing out that kids don’t do their own grocery shopping. As a parent, it is my job to provide for and raise my children. It is not anyone else’s responsibility. My kids eat what we buy for them. There is not a team meeting to negotiate the grocery list each week. We as parents decide what foods come into the home. We eat healthy so the kids naturally do so as well.”

What sparked your passion and got you into training at such a supreme level? (And how do you motivate yourself to continue ‘growing’)

“I’ve been involved in athletics since my early childhood so training has always been a way of life. I’ve never been a fan of motivational tips or strategies however. I believe passion is much more powerful than motivation. Once you are passionate about achieving something, the motivation to pursue such passions will already be present.

Many people make the mistake of looking outward for motivation. Unfortunately, motivation that comes from watching someone else will typically be short lived. True motivation comes from within. Rather than looking outward for motivation, it makes more sense to look inward in hopes of finding your true passion.
I am passionate about my training. I love the rush, the challenge, the hard work, and the planning. I never view my training with a job-like mentality. It’s all fun to me. If I wasn’t enjoying myself, I wouldn’t be doing it. I wake up excited to better myself as well as the athletes I train. Motivation is never lacking. My passion continues to burn as strong as ever.”

(Inspirational photo from a video on Ross’s website. This is an 84 year old lady performing a gymnastic routine. The image is of her holding herself still in this position)

What makes you angry about the food industry in the USA?

“There are bad apples in each industry. If I became angry with every crooked business, I would have a miserable life. So while there are certainly practices that I don’t agree with from the food industry, I don’t allow their actions to influence my behavior and attitude.

Consider the automobile industry for a related example. There are plenty of crooked used car salesmen. Their existence does not make me angry. It simple reiterates the importance of putting in your due diligence before making a purchase.

The same logic applies to our food. No one forces us to eat particular foods. We are able to pick and choose whatever we like. So yes, there is deception in the industry and that is a problem. Perhaps a bigger problem however is the fact that so many educated adults pay so little attention to what they consume.

I know plenty of people who will read every review they can find before committing to an electronics purchase. They will spend hours researching phones, cameras, and computers. They do so while snacking on processed crap filled with ingredients that only a chemist could pronounce.

Why not invest as much energy into researching viable nutritional options? Unlike an electronics purchase, you cannot refund your body. Take care of it the first time around.”

Best 3 body weight workout moves for people on the road?

“Bodyweight exercise is unique when compared to other modalities such as free weights. With bodyweight exercise, it is impossible to provide universal recommendations for exercise selection as individual ability must first be considered. For example, handstand pushups are a tremendous exercise but there are plenty of relatively fit adults who cannot perform the exercise. Therefore, while some may enjoy the movement, it doesn’t offer much value to an individual who isn’t able to perform a single repetition.

This isn’t a knock against bodyweight exercise, but it is a unique factor that must be considered. The best movements for a particular person will depend on their ability. An individual who can perform advanced bodyweight movements probably will not spend a lot of time with a basic exercise such as a traditional pushup. The novice however has plenty to gain from a few basic movements such as pushups, pull-ups, squats, etc.

Therefore, the best answer to this question will be one that begins with an “it depends” statement.”

(2 fingered pull-ups by 60 year old man)

2 top tips for someone looking to enhance their life through training though doesn’t know where to start?

“Perhaps the best bit of advice is to start. Don’t get lost in paralysis by analysis. Many beginners get lost looking for the perfect program without realizing that such a program doesn’t exist.

Training is like many things in life. We all learn by doing. No one starts on day one with all of the answers. Anyone who has trained for any significant amount of time can look back and laugh at some of the things they once did. It is all part of the process.

I would also add that you can succeed with almost any program. Your success or failure doesn’t depend on what tools or exercises you use. Almost anything will work if you are willing to work and remain consistent with your efforts. How you do what you do matters more than what you do. If you are willing to work hard on a regular basis, expect to improve. There are success stories from people who have trained with just about anything, including nothing but their own bodyweight.”

The best training methods for burning fat?

“I wouldn’t say there is a single best method for burning fat as dietary considerations are typically more relevant. You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you eat and drink too much, you aren’t going to lose fat, regardless of what you do in the gym.

I’d also add that even if there was a preferred method for fat loss, one shouldn’t put all of their eggs into a single basket. For example, suppose I say that interval training can be useful for fat loss. That doesn’t mean everyone should go out and perform intervals every day of the week.

Therefore, perhaps the best method is a multifaceted approach. Training and diet should work together, not against each other. The week should also be balanced. Don’t overlook strength training in place of conditioning and vice versa. Both are important.

Using myself as an example, my week includes plenty of strength work along with plenty of conditioning. I train from head to toe. There isn’t a single method that I focus on solely. I integrate a variety of principles and modalities throughout the week.”

What are you grateful for?

“I am grateful to be alive. Life is a gift and tomorrow is never promised. I don’t take anything for granted. I hug my kids every day and try to make the most of my life each day that I have.”

Rich Eats: Cheers Ross! Thanks for giving your insights here, see you in the near future!

When you check out Ross’s site I think his page on ‘Age Related’ training is the most inspiring and the first go to page! Check it out here!

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