1 man, 1 exercise, 5 stores… The Rich Eats Burpee Competition

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A wild day spreading the word!

Before you watch this, see if you can guess how many burpees I completed in total, in all 5 stores before being kicked out…

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2 comments on “1 man, 1 exercise, 5 stores… The Rich Eats Burpee Competition

  1. I like that you are trying to make people aware of what they are eating. There are too many people who don’t realise what’s actually in the food they are eating. Unfortunately, the supermarkets and food manufactureres are very much to blame. What do you think the government should do to help legislate against manufacturers adding/disguising the contents of their food items?

  2. Soo Ford on said:

    Interesting and informative without preaching.

    Very entertaining too.. Well worth the watch

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