Rich Eats: The bits you were never meant to see…

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I give you a New Year & Christmas gift – the bits were never meant to see by Rich Eats:

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Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

2 comments on “Rich Eats: The bits you were never meant to see…

  1. Hi Rich.
    Thanks for posting the outtakes, good fun!
    Also, I must say I really appreciate your posts as I find them inspiring so keep them coming please! They help me keep focused on good nutrition. Much work is still to be done and that will be my focus in 2012 but I’m on the right path…
    I just watched the 23 1/2 hour video as well, it cannot be put more simply and I hope many will find it enough to get them moving. People just need to go back to basic with alot of things and their and their children’s quality of lives would be so much better…the animation was superb!
    You are a great resourse of good nutrition, fitness and it’s so obvious that this is your passion. I look forward to reding/watching more of your stuff.
    Enjoy the jungle and I hope to see you at some point in 2012!

    • Thanks Anna! Really appreciate your message…

      Great that your focus is ready – get on it in 2012! The 23 1/2 video is brilliant! We can make an positive impact on our lives so easily by starting with a little exercise, always refining as we evolove. We’re animals and we’re meant to move..

      There will be more videos and posts for you to check out.

      See you for a green tea somewhere, sometime this year!

      Rich (Eats)

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