Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 19

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I’m paraphrasing a little here:

Harvard Medical say that Sugar makes you fat.

As an instantly gratifying fix humans created artificial sweeteners with very few calories. Though, as with most things that are instantly gratifying there are some problems associated with artificial sweeteners.

Today’s tip is not about the health issues surrounding artificial sweeteners (you can look those up). It’s about the desensitising of our taste-buds because of them. Artificial sweeteners are 100’s to 1000’s times sweeter than natural sugar/s and so real food that has health benefits like fruit and vegetables are becoming less and less appealing. When you cut artificial sweeteners from your life, re-calberating your taste-buds you will know how horrendous the sweeteners actually are and how good fruit and veg can taste. Sounds kind of hippy though it’s true.

Today’s tip is reduce and then eliminate artificial sweeteners for a better tasting life.

These are some of the artificial sweeteners I avoid 99% of the time:

Aspartame, Acesuflame K, Sucralose, Saccharin, Neotame, Acesuflame Potassium… This list will grow…

And brand names of sweeteners I avoid: Sweet n Low, Splenda… This list will grow…

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

2 comments on “Rich Eats: Advent Calendar Day 19

  1. Rich, good point about artificial sweeteners > what’s the absolute worst offender I wonder > could it be the ‘diet’ drink industry… Diet coke etc?

    • Hey Thor!

      Absolutely! I think we’d be doing petty well as animals to avoid foods/beverages with the word ‘diet’ on their packaging. Low fat, fat free, % fat free are all warning signs… The key thing is training our taste buds to respond to and enjoy real food again!

      Do you drink soda?

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