Rich Eats: Whole Foods

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I wrote and filmed this the following back in 2011 before Whole Foods were exposed for selling GMO foods.  Now they are lower on my list of favorite places to shop though they do still stock some awesome stuff.

While I was in California I visited as many of these stores as possible… So many amazing foods to enjoy! And an awesome place to meet people!

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

5 comments on “Rich Eats: Whole Foods

  1. Tom Dyer on said:

    you’re spot on brother. The beauty of the States is that there is so much choice. You can eat very well and healthily there and you can eat very well and unhealthily there (I’m sure you get my gist). I love the place, but it is easy to see why so many people are tempted and get Obese and there’s such a lack of knowledge on nutrition. WTF are we not taught basics in nutrition in schools these days? If the government really wants to stop obesity then educate the next generation, does algebra deem to be more important than potentially stopping a life of obesity, diabetes, and a life lived not to it’s fullest!! Good work amigo x

  2. Gavin Gillibrand on said:

    Legend 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this healthy eater guerrilla video. Proof – I’ve watched it twice through!
    Love the slightly risky ‘Rich-Raids-The-Store’ style and the way you charm the big dude (store manager?) who might have wrestled y’all out of there 😉
    Good call on peanut butter and eggs – tell me more?
    And the highlight… “I don’t have a vagina, but If I did …” brilliant.
    When is Rich-Store-Expose-Tesco-Asda-Sainsburys happening?

    • Hi Thor!

      Thanks for your comment and other feedback! Loving it!

      Rich-Store-Expose-Tesco-Asda-Sainsburys needs to happen soon, when I’m back in the UK next year, or perhaps before…

      See you on here or twitter soon!

  4. Soraya on said:

    hahah, WAT-AAH. ridiculous. I always found the amount of choice frustrating in the US. When I went back to CA over winter break, I spend about twenty minutes in a regular grocery store trying to compare and contrast about six different brands of eggs. The problem in the US is that there is MUCH less regulation, and labels can claim all sort of falsities. It’s horrendous trying to weight out whether “free range” is better than “cage free,” or if “all-natural diet” is on par with “organically produced” (probably not). With the omega-3 eggs, the chickens could still be crammed 6 to a cage, and simply have feed supplemented with omega-3s. Likewise, don’t get me started on the beef industry. Even Whole Foods can’t supply real top-quality beef, which explains why the meat was only about $12/lb. England is years ahead of the US in regards to food quality standards.

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