Rich Eats: Placenta Experience

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Some of you will love the fact that this is all about opening up to new things, learning about food, nutrition and how people look after themselves without the use of prescription drugs. Others will be confused, perhaps disgusted by this. Whatever your opinion I welcome you to the next level.

I stand by my deep set belief that we can learn something from everyone…

Additional note made 27/06/2012

While having a grass-fed beef dinner with a female friend in Larchmont Village this evening the interesting topic of eating placenta came up. To get straight to the point, the most thought provoking part of the conversation was her observation that people will often be ‘grossed out’ by the thought of eating their own placenta, though will quite probably have a completely different opinion of someone partaking in oral sex with a complete stranger. And, may even have done so themselves. At least eating your own placenta you know where it has been. Maybe think about it?

(Told you it was going to be straight to the point)

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

5 comments on “Rich Eats: Placenta Experience

  1. Joanna on said:

    Very informative and well done. Great to see you approaching everything with an open mind.

  2. Greg Small on said:

    Enjoyed this mate, I think as a society we are very cut off from reality. How is eating placenta different to chowing down on eggs if you think about the use of an ‘egg’ and what it actually is…..??? I will repost – but in the olden days I think it was common for the father to eat the mothers placenta to boost his strength such as he could hunt longer and provide for his new family member….

  3. Tom Dyer on said:


    You are cutting edge!! I felt ill at first but kept watching

    I take my hat off to you. Massive kudos to ya!! There is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much about nutrition that we do not understand and we have to cross certain lines in order to hit the next levels!

    You’re both right animals do this and I’ll bet that us humans used to until someone started to lay down social rules as to what is right and what is not!

    Post natal depression is terrible and if something like this helps and can reverse it then it makes sense to me. The logic all stacks up perfectly.

    I’m still not sure what I think to it all, but you’ve certainly opened a door in my conciousness and I’ll never think the same about the subject again.

    Miss your energy dude. Just back from Capri, in Italy. stunning place, you have to check it out.

    Keep me up to date with where you are


    • Joanna on said:

      This is brilliant- ” felt ill at first”. I love that because it is such an honest reaction that was later dispelled by logic and intelligence. Poeple all over the world still ingest placenta, not just animals. I think we would all feel a bit ill if we saw how fast food restaurants prepare food, or how animals are treated prior to being killed for human consumption, or watching kelloggs mix their cereal bars, ! I could go on and talk about what is put in to baby formula but then I would just get boring. I love a bit of foie gras but certainly don’t want to see that poor much about food and the way it is prepared would make anyone dinners?
      Love the comment from Greg who mentions men eating placenta and he is spot on. Poor blokes, they get the sympathy tummy..tragic..and then need extra strength to go out and hunt for us. Rich, I take my hat off to you and as for Jo in that video..she is awesome. 🙂

  4. M. EugĂȘnia MourĂŁo on said:

    Nice blog!

    Placenta ingestion is definitely news to me! Nothing like investigating, trying out and telling [us] the public… (i also have tweeted it at @EuEugenia)

    I hope Brazil is giving you other issues and foods to talk about. Want some “bananiña”? … 😉

    Good luck to your project,

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