Rich Eats: This might kill you… (Aspartame)

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So, it turns out there are potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners in most ‘diet’, ‘sugar free’, ‘low sugar’ products we consume.

Chewing gum even has them! (Lots of them)

3 comments on “Rich Eats: This might kill you… (Aspartame)

  1. Rachel on said:

    What’s your thoughts on honey, maple syrup or agave nectar?

    Love this site by the way!

    • admin on said:

      Hi Rachel, the key thing if you’re adding the sweet stuff is to go for nutrient density – the more nutrients the better!

      Coconut sugar is one of or the most nourishing. Organic, wild Honey and maple syrup are better than the refined alternatives.

      And, if you’re into it molasses is definitely worth ‘a google’.

      (Agave received some great press a while ago though it is very high in fructose while delivering very little nutrition)

      The KEY is the least amount of processing of the most nutrient dense sweet thing.

      And, another rule of thumb is the less sweet stuff you eat the less your body craves it – food for thought…

      Thanks for your kind words! is where I post more regularly.

    • Hey Rachel, wow, very late reply, this must have slipped through the net… I personally prefer local honey over maple and agave (agave is pretty much a no actually – nutrients vs. affect on insulin levels not worth it for me).

      Thanks for loving the site 🙂

      I recently wrote a post on Traditional Chinese Medicine you might like and it might just answer your question too:

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