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Rich Eats: Diet Drinks Make You Fat

‘Diet Drinks Make You Fat’ is on the front page of a british new paper today so I thought I’d take the liberty of commenting… of course…

To start, a big thanks to Jo Willey for bringing this info to the table. It’s information many of us already know though for some reason ignore. I’d like to add that Diet Drinks are full of artificial crap that we don’t need.

The article brings to our attention studies done in America that are finding that artificial sweeteners (chemicals) like Aspartame, Acesulfame K trigger our bodies into expecting energy, then receive nothing, which leaves us craving that energy our bodies thought it was going to get!

The key thing here is they’re linking the sweet taste to our body preparing for and expecting food with energy. When our body does not get this energy it leaves a hole that needs filling! So we shove more in… hence one of the reason why people become addicted to foods with artificial sweeteners.

The article doesn’t mention the potential damaging effects these chemicals have on our body!

See this video for my take on Aspartame.

Thanks again Jo!

Rich Enion brings you Rich Eats

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